Psychic Sister is not just a shop.
It is a gathering place, a sanctuary, a museum of closets past. Here you can browse through a fascinating collection of clothing from the last century while you catch a groove. Then the magic starts happening. You don't choose the pieces, they choose you. Then suddenly! A fashion miracle! If it's alllllmost right, we pin and sew to fit. If you need something very special then we also have those things. Handmade goodness from sister makers around the world. And if you come with an open heart and need to be seen in our sacred mirror, we offer life-changing psychic readings with gifted healers in our community. The Sister is truly a place of magic.
We are so happy you've found us.

Psychic Readings
Th-Su 1-6p
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Buying Hours
Tuesdays from 10:30-6:30p
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Our Hours
M-Sa 10-7 pm
Sunday 11-6 pm

Our Contacts
360 943 9595
109 SE 5th Avenue
Olympia, Washington 98501