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  • Cover art of the Jade Oracle with collection of cards.
  • Box cover art of the Jade Oracle deck.
  • The Tonatiuh card from the Jade Oracle deck.
  • The Jade Oracle Deck guidebook.
  • The Cuauhtli card from the Jade Oracle deck.
  • The Toci Tonantzin card from the Jade Oracle deck.
  • The Ocelotl card from the Jade Oracle deck.
  • The Xiuhpohualli card from the Jade Oracle deck.
  • The Ticiyotl card from the Jade Oracle deck.
  • The Huehuetlatolli card from the Jade Oracle deck.
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Jade Oracle

The Jade Oracle

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The Jade Oracle Deck features original artwork and brings the wisdom of ancient Mexican symbolism to a new generation. Each beautifully boxed set includes 52 cards (exquisite design and color, size 3.5" x 5.5") and  a guide booklet in English AND Spanish. Need help with pronunciation? Check out their Soundcloud guide

From the creators:

The sacred images of pre-Hispanic deities are very differenJade t than the sacred images of European culture, which we in America – and even Mexico – are far more accustomed to seeing. These images have unfamiliar symbols – green feathers, skulls, snakes, nose ornaments – and unfamiliar names: Xochiquetzal, Huitzilopochtli, Tecuciztecatl for example.These sacred images and names open the door to a profoundly magnificent culture that reveres the connection of the earth and Her inhabitants, that celebrates the small and grand cycles – that infuses ritual and attention to the sacred in daily life.

Like tarot cards, the Jade Oracle is a spiritual tool used for divination and introspection. The difference is they are not structured by traditional tarot suits. Each card brings a new form to a universal archetype, giving us a window to our soul, a new lens in which to see ourselves. We named this deck The Jade Oracle because exquisite green jade was one of the most sacred stones in ancient Mexico, as the color represented the teeming bounty of life. There are 52 beautifully illustrated cards accompanied by a booklet that guides you through understanding the mythology and interpretations of the cards.

We feel that when we understand another culture, we understand ourselves in a deeper way and are one step closer to connecting with our global family and celebrating this magical land that we share. And for those of us with Mexican heritage, this is a path to understanding, and living, our lineage.

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