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  • Cover art of the Poesis Oracle deck with collection of cards.
  • Box cover art of the Poesis Oracle deck .
  • Poesis Oracle deck box.
  • The struggle and mind cards from the Poesis Oracle deck.
  • Collection of oracle cards from the Poesis Oracle deck.
  • Collection of oracle cards from the Poesis Oracle deck.
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Andrea Wan

Poesis Oracle

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POESIS is a collection of 77 oracle cards that is designed to call us within when we have questions, trusting that we already have all the answers in the centre of our being. The cards combine art and poetry to help cultivate one’s own intuitive abilities when it comes to decision making, knowing that our intuition can be a dependable source of guidance. 


It’s important to understand the ancient wisdom “As above, so below; as within so without” - what we experience in the external world is a mirror of what is in the internal. In the same way, the words and images on the cards reflect our current energetic state. When we ask the cards for insights, we are really strengthening and working with our own inner guidance. The cards will highlight themes we should pay attention to regarding our questions, and when combined, they form a kind of poetry that resonates at the centre of our being.

There are 77 cards in the deck, each representing a different stage or experience, and altogether they make up a life’s journey. While each card carries its own significant energy, there’s no one definite way to look at it. How you interpret the words and images is more important than its universal, societal signification.  Some words and images might bring back a past memory, remind of a specific person, or reflect our hopes and fears.  Notice the first insights that came to mind, feel how they are trying to speak to you and consider how that ties into your personal experience. To begin, we invite you to pull a few cards and start forming a narrative with the words. 

POESIS was created with the divine feminine journey in mind, which offers a nurturing energy to work with. As our society has been so goal driven and focused on action, there is a need for tenderness and emotional connection to come through for balance and support, especially in these unprecedented times.

    • 77 card set
    • 2¾" x 4¾"
    • printed on 350 gsm card stock with matte UV coating


Andrea Wan (Creator of POESIS, Concept + Artwork)

Andrea is a Chinese Canadian Visual Artist currently based in Vancouver BC. She sees her creative practice as a container in which she can allow whatever to come through in her stream of consciousness. Her body of work includes, but not limited to ink on paper, murals, and sculptures. Themes such as femininity, nature, and self-enquiry have continued to propel her creative exploration over the the last years. Andrea spent the last 7 years living in Berlin, while travelling around a lot for various exhibitions and mural projects. @andrea_wan

Meghan King (Poetry)

Megan King is a South African born musician and poet under the monkier Lemonella. Her compositions blend sound, poetry, video and collage into charming and transportive experiences. Her voice speaks with love and deep honesty about the world around her, and  rooted in the intimate observation of the truth of her own inner journey. She is inspired by themes of sensuality, playfulness, and a return to earth reverence where these qualities are inherent. On Soundcloud, she creates mixtapes of carefully selected musical storytelling and an archive of sonic moods. She is currently based in Berlin.


AARISE (Graphic Design & Typography)

AARISE is a Berlin-based creative agency for design and art direction founded by Aaron Dawkins and Louise Matell. Their minimal, yet expressive and colourful designs can be found within the culture as well as the lifestyle industry. Through constant exploration and with an eye for detail they create distinctive work that leaves a standing impression. Working closely with clients of various scale, their focus lies in the fields of branding, packaging, publishing and digital.

"As an attempt to break preconceived notions about divination tools belonging only to esoteric or supernatural spheres,  we wanted to create a tool that is accessible to people in all age groups and from all beliefs systems and walks of lives; this is visually stimulating, and with self empowerment as the focus. POESIS can be used for intuition, inspiration, divination, self reflection, or even a way to to connect with others and share our stories. The cards are versatile and can be used in any free-form intuitive readings or spreads."

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