Psychic Readings at our Olympia Location

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Our shops are currently closed due to COVID 19, but our readers are available for phone readings and would be honored to support you during this time.

Please read the psychic bios to align your expectations with their unique skills. To book with that reader specifically, simply click on the headshot image above their bio, and select your desired service from the list of offerings.


Rebekah Erev is an artist, kohenet (Hebrew priestess), creativity coach and teacher. They collaborate with unseen and seen beings to make art and ritual with the intention to heal and liberate the earth. They love offering readings and spells to help people manifest their most true expressions, listening to the wisdom of their bodies. Their work is in service to a time when the hum of bees rule the land and those who have historically been most oppressed, guide our collective healing rites. Rebekah is the creator of the Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Oracle Deck and the forthcoming Venus Altars and Golden Animal Oracle.


Emme is an artist, writer, and tarot reader. Emme believes that tarot can be used to tap into one’s own higher wisdom and is a great way to gain awareness into self. Emme’s reading style is open and conversational, giving space for whatever messages are asking to come forward. There is great power in the stories we tell ourselves and other people. Getting a reading can provide an opportunity for us listen to our intuition and learn from those stories. ⠀


Your life has meaning. The uniqueness of your essence is calling out to be lived fully in each moment. It takes deep listening and observing (and occasionally an outside perspective) to hear the nuance of what is being asked. I’ve been exploring Astrology for over 20 years in addition to more recently an ancient inquiry & presence practice. I combine these tools as well as an enthusiasm for your dreams and visions.
We chose to be alive during this interesting time. We are being presented with big choices personally and collectively that are shaping the form of our world on a global scale. Perhaps the choice you are making has to do with a relationship or your career or where you are living.  


Clare offers a tea-leaf reading & charm-casting service to help heal, aid, illuminate & guide. Readings are a fluid blend of divination, collaboration, intuition & play. The end result will be a belly full of medicinal tea, a deeper understanding of one’s state & a physical charm that serves as a reminder of the reading.

Clare is a practiced witch of over twenty years. Her craft is inspired by Old Country witchcraft, specifically a blend of European & Nordic folk magic, herbalism, & folklore. Her practice is based on respect, generosity, intuition, intention, collaboration & play. You can learn more about her on instagram or at her website at


Janyl began her journey into all things mystical and metaphysical 15 years ago on a retreat in Box Canyon, Arizona. There in the vortex, near Sedona, her intuitive abilities were awakened. She is a certified Intuitive Tarot reader, a Certified Meditation Practitioner, and takes Aura photos, performs Aura cleansings, and is knowledgeable in spells and potions. Janyl loves doing what she does, and learning from each and every beautiful spirit she encounters.

 Please note special pricing for these sessions by following the link above.


Shira Hassan provides Feminist, Queer, Trans Positive, Sex Positive and People of Color Centered space to explore deep questions in our present moment using the tarot. She use the deck Daughters of Moon because of its warm and loving approach and stunning round images of people engaging in a community centered life. A tarot reading with Shira focus on the layers of this present moment and creates a three-way mirror that can show hidden aspects of your current life. A satisfying tarot reading will leave the tiny voices in your gut feeling confirmed, affirmed and with action steps that moves you forward on your path. Some have gone so far as to call readings with Shira "Tarot Treatment".


Denise began her intuitive journey after having several precognitive dreams. She has studied metaphysics, astrology, healing and Spiritualism. She is a Psychic Medium who has done thousands of readings over 28 years. She is also a Spiritualist Minister who served at Seattle’s Tower Memorial Church for 20+ years. She is committed to teaching psychic and mediumship development and other spiritual pursuits. “Denise has a wonderful, caring attitude that puts a person at ease immediately. She is keenly Intuitive and her comments are directed and helpful. Her warmth and humor is a big asset too. It’s been an enormous gift to have her help and insights. I recommend her strongly.”


Lindsey Boldt works collaboratively with you and the runes (Northern European symbols that channel elemental energies) to interpret the weave of energetic threads present in your life. She senses where energy is blocked, where it wants to flow, which energies might be signaling a warning, and which are available as resources to support you. Lindsey creates a safe container for magical work by combining Reiki energy healing with ancestral Germanic and Celtic traditions to remind you of your own innate intuition and magic.
“Lindsey’s runes speak of chthonic forces, elementals and ancestors. She carries those messages with great force and tremendous curiosity.”-- Liz Migliorelli, Sister Spinster

Lacey Dawn

Lacey is an internationally known
Psychic, Author, and Teacher.
She helps clients communicate with their deceased loved ones, animals and their future self. She has helped many with health, relationships, abundance, finances and life purpose. Lacey is very enthusiastic about helping others develop their gifts and heal from within so they can live a more passionate life. She has been in the healing and metaphysical field for over 35 years, a professional psychic since 2004. Learn more at


Pamela has been a student, practitioner and teacher of the Tarot for almost 50 years and provides a process that is reflective, creative and predictive. Her interpretations of the cards are influenced by her graduate studies in Transpersonal Psychology and decades of reading and study, and working with and listening to others. She uses the Tarot as a tool to mirror to her clients their inner worlds—their perceptions, perspectives, and beliefs—so they may be empowered to use their inherent wisdom and talents to make better decisions and to face the challenges of life. Contact Pamela at for more information about her practice.

June Rose

June Rose is an astrologer, ceremonial healer and staff carrier in the northern European tradition of Seidr. As a student of ancient astrology, divination, animist healing, ancestor reverence, and oracular mediumship, her intention is to witness, awaken and restore the depths of soul. Her readings invite the expression of emotion and compassionate witnessing. She believes astrology is a tool for self knowledge used to live life with greater meaning and align to cycles of growth and loss. Her work with the compassionate spirits and ancestors opens the doorway to inner guidance and expression of the true heart. Her website is


Nomy Lamm is a creative coach, voice teacher, and Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess), who uses creative and ritual tools to collaborate with your path of wholeness. She utilizes tarot, visualization, dreidel-divination, spell-casting, incantation and blessings to help activate the opening of your pathway and the deepening of your presence. She practices counter-oppressive devotion that centers those parts of us that hold the wisdom of having been “othered,” excluded or exploited, weaving the beauty of our shadows into the brilliance of our potential. She loves working with people to help unlock and activate creative paths and visions, and has been supporting people by sharing magical, intuitive, body-based and practical skills for over 15 years.