Psychic Readings at our Portland Location

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Our shops are currently closed due to COVID 19, but our readers are available for phone readings and would be honored to support you during this time.

Please read the psychic bios to align your expectations with their unique skills. To book with that reader specifically, simply click on the headshot image above their bio, and select your desired service from the list of offerings.


Dreamy offers a combination of tarot and Western astrology. Tarot reflects the story and astrology is the clock by which we can tell the timing of our life events.
The combination of these oracles allows her to see where you are and when events will conspire change in your life. Dreamy uses language that is direct and honest, seeing into the heart of things and supporting the soul work of each individual.
Her abilities are empathic, intuitive and authentic; co-creating with the unseen worlds in dreams, prayer and spell work.


Call for a health protection blessing. Your vibration will be aligned with your highest good. Illness can not attach itself to you. Clear low vibrations and bring in healing Light. Healing clears the past, removing blocks in the present, while opening up your future. With the lived spirituality of India, Raina brings you compassion and insight. Thanks to a lifetime of spirituality and 7 years of training in Shamanism, in her classes and healing practice Raina enjoys helping people from all walks of life. Angel Cards, drumming, Reiki, sound healing or mediumship may feature in your healing. Special health protection during this time.


Maeanna has been working with the tarot for almost a decade, and for the last four years has been doing intensive study of magic and psychic skills. Her specialty is helping clients find transformative practices to create intentional change and healing in their lives. Maeanna focuses her readings around finding the best way for the querent to interact with change, notice where they are holding themselves back, and the best way to shift the energy and step into their personal power. Frequently the spirit guides will suggest an exercise or daily practice that will help with transformation.


Jett Koda is a visionary author, intuitive reader, energy healer and queer mystic. She has been guided by the non~human spirit worlds since she was a child. She offers Intuitive Tarot and Arcturian Light Body Readings to assist your life journey. Intuitive Tarot Readings provide clear reflections of your life path in the symbolic and archetypal references found in the images of the cards. Arcturian Light Body Readings clear and heal your water body or energy field and activate the light body. Arcturians are interdimensional star beings that offer unconditional love to assist in the evolution of your soul journey. You can book a Tarot reading OR a Light Body Reading with Jett. Tarot readings are available as 20, 40 or 60 minute appointments and Light Body Readings are 40 minutes in length.


Lara deep dove into her intrinsic mysticism in the midst of her Saturn return when a tarot deck literally fell in front of her feet as she was wandering through a bookstore, seeking guidance during a transitional time. From the moment she received that piercingly clear sign from the universe, her spiritual path traversed to new realms as she embraced her natural calling as an intuitive tarot reader. Her deep appreciation for authentic human connection is the essence of her reading style, and she channels the cards as a modality for healing, guidance, expansion, and therapy, or “tarotpy” as she likes to call it. Lara is humbled and honored to do this work, and it is her goal to create a space for people to feel seen, supported, and safe, as she communicates information in a calm, practical, and genuine manner. You can follow along with her metaphysical musings on instagram @yourtarotpist.


Meghan is a queer, trauma-informed intuitive channel, tarot reader, herbalist, Reiki Master, and spiritual counselor. Meghan offers you direct access to your mystical and mythic selves, reigniting a joyful connection to source-wisdom and your own powerful, innate knowing. In your reading, she will explore and explain how the elements and archetypes are showing up in your life right now, and how to relate to these energies for clarity, expansion, and empowerment. Her readings are a playful and potent tool to get right into the mystical core of your unique journey and offer you a simple roadmap to transcendence and transformation.


Moe Bowstern is a queer witch, trained priestess and graduate from the Blue Iris Mystery School. She understands the runes as gates embodying specific energies that can resonate with each of us to provide insight as we aim to balance the questions, challenges, and gifts of our lives. Moe believes in vulnerability as a path to truth and towards an ultimate inner strength of self-knowing. She is passionate about helping humans open to ideas that support all ways of being through knowing ourselves and by striving to live in a way that is true, connected and free.


Tarot is a therapeutic gateway, leading one down the royal road, delivered direct to the deepest callings of your sparkling soul. In archetypally inflected readings, Jesse offers healing reflections – poetic and direct, dream-like and practical – to stimulate growth and transformation in your life. Whether working through creative blocks, relationship issues, or searching for a feeling of divine direction, Jesse’s readings offer a sense of gravity and vision on your path of becoming.

Lacey Dawn

Lacey is an internationally known
Psychic, Author, and Teacher.
She helps clients communicate with their deceased loved ones, animals and their future self. She has helped many with health, relationships, abundance, finances and life purpose. Lacey is very enthusiastic about helping others develop their gifts and heal from within so they can live a more passionate life. She has been in the healing and metaphysical field for over 35 years, a professional psychic since 2004. Learn more at


Pamela has been a student, practitioner and teacher of the Tarot for almost 50 years and provides a process that is reflective, creative and predictive. Her interpretations of the cards are influenced by her graduate studies in Transpersonal Psychology and decades of reading and study, and working with and listening to others. She uses the Tarot as a tool to mirror to her clients their inner worlds—their perceptions, perspectives, and beliefs—so they may be empowered to use their inherent wisdom and talents to make better decisions and to face the challenges of life. Contact Pamela at for more information about her practice.


Madeline offers astrology readings that can help you connect with your authentic self and find meaning and purpose in your life. She thinks of the astrological chart as a user’s manual that can aid us in understanding our time here on Earth, and she enjoys the process of translating the chart into simple and compassionate language for her clients. 


Rune wisdom is ancient, primordial. It lies hidden and protected in the roots of the World Tree, rising up from the sacred wells of memory. It is a gift to us from the dark and some things can only be seen in the dark. Ingrid’s connection with the runes is ancestral.  She uses the runes to help you find your way back to the wisdom of the earth and nature, to the wisdom of the ancestors, and to the wisdom of your body, reconnecting you with what you already know on the deepest level of your very being. Ingrid Kincaid is an internationally known author, educator, and spiritual elder whose work is rooted in the wisdom traditions of her tribal, pre-Christian, Northern European ancestors. Visit