Feeling called?

Our readers book up fast, but walk-in appointments are sometimes available and inquiries are always welcome. Please visit the readings page for your local store to read the bios for each psychic when choosing who to book with, allowing you to align your expectations with their unique offerings. If you're in search of guidance as soon as possible, there is an option to book with the next available reader at the top of each page.

How long of a reading should I book?

Shorter, 20 minute, readings are perfect for that one burning question you have in mind. We provide focused guidance that will give you a taste of what a longer reading could bestow. Walk away with some insight, relief, and an introduction to the magic of psychic readings. A longer, 40 or 60 minute, reading allows you the opportunity to explore more in-depth questions or inquiries with a detailed overview of your current circumstances, as well as insight on how the past and future play a role. Walk away with clarity, solutions, and an expansive view of what’s on the horizon. Dive deep and be taken on a journey to clearly see what opportunity for growth and healing are possible. This reading will help you come to terms with your past experiences and prepare you to step into your future with grace and strength.

What are Partner Readings?

Just as individual readings offer guidance and clarity, relationship readings offer information for your shared life path. In this couple/partner reading, ask questions together about the opportunities and best direction for your lives moving forward. These readings will be focused on the relationship among the participants, rather than on the distinct pasts or futures of the individuals.

What should I expect?

You can share as much or as little with your reader as you like! Everything you discuss is completely confidential. Be aware, our psychics are very gifted, but they are not mind readers. Please come in with an open mind and be sure to clarify your expectations to your reader, so you can gain the maximum possible benefit. As you are receiving and processing this information, remember you have free will and the opportunity to change your fate at any time. Readings are meant to provide guidance in the present moment and help you feel seen, connected and uplifted. If you find within the first minutes of your reading that the session is not in alignment, please let your reader know so that an adjustment can be made or the session can be ended if necessary.

What else should I know?

Please be sure to arrive on time. Showing up late will shorten the time allotted for your reading, but will not reduce the price. We require a minimum of 12 hours notice to cancel/reschedule an appointment in order to avoid being charged. Before your reading, you may wish to arrive a few minutes early to quiet your mind and get centered in order to have an optimal reading experience. 

Both Psychic Sister locations are wheelchair accessible. We intend to remove any barriers to accessing our space and welcome your requests, please email or to let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for booking at Psychic Sister.