Cover of Achieve Your Goals workbook by Faith G Harper.

Achieve Your Goals

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We love these little books. Need it? Read it. Then give it to a friend, let it linger by the toilet for your deadbeat roommate. It'll pay for itself 10x over. Why? Because everyone's got goals. Maybe you're working to find a Coronavirus cure, maybe you're just trying to get through your doctor's appointment next week. Maybe you want to get out of debt, or maybe your goal is just to pay rent on time next month.

Whatever your goals, big or small, there's a way to achieve them—and Microcosm Publishing bestseller Dr. Faith has broken it down into steps and produced this handy workbook that you can use to envision, plan, execute, rinse, repeat. Because now is an era in history where we need to be as effective as we can, setting goals can help us single-handedly run the revolution AND manage ten careers at once.

Thank you for achieving YOUR goals on the path to self-fulfillment! 

your efforts are being supported by the universe; your dreams manifest into reality before your eyes