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  • Cover of Beyond Manifestation, a monthly journal and workbook for presence.
  • Cover of Beyond Manifestation, a monthly journal and workbook for presence.
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Beyond Manifestation Workbook

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Enter the present moment and find freedom from lack, stress, anxiety, worry, fear and suffering. Find relief from the constant pressure to achieve and produce, and finally feel like you are enough, you have enough, and this moment is enough. Relax into the total perfection of the Now, detached from the ups and downs of life. In this moment you are loving, playful, and totally fulfilled.

Welcome to the paradise Beyond Manifestation!

Why Go Beyond Manifestation?

Thinking you need to manifest something pushes it away. When you are aware that you want something, you are aware you don’t have it. And that awareness of “not having” perpetuates a state of lack.

You think you want to manifest, so you get something, so you feel better. But you can feel better without getting the thing, just by being present. When you’re present, you’re not thinking about the past or the future. Only your thoughts can make you feel bad, and there isn’t much to think about right now. When you are thought-free, you uncover your true essence of peace, love and happiness. Then you don’t need ANYTHING to change. You’ve found the feeling you thought you needed a manifestation to achieve.

Love, enthusiasm and joy are your natural state. The reason you can find joy and love by placing your attention on the present moment is because it takes your focus off resistant thought. When you are present, your natural love and joy and enthusiasm are revealed. You don’t ever have to TRY to feel love or joy or enthusiasm. They’re already there!

Of course, when you are present and feeling connected, that’s when you are most magnetized to attract what you want. When you’re present, you manifest all sorts of wonderful experiences and things. You might like what you get so much that you forget the point is presence. You get attached to your manifestations and worry about losing them. Then you’re not present. You’re lost in thought. But over time, you train yourself to keep letting go of the thoughts, and make your home in the infinite Now. Then the manifestations come. And it all starts over again. This journal helps you keep going with the flow, unattached to outcome, blissful in the Now, feeling good regardless of circumstance.

Journal Structure

This journal is designed to be used daily for one month. You don’t have to start it on the first of the month, and daily use is not required. The exercises
will work the same. Go at your own pace, and give yourself time to integrate your epiphanies. Repeated 31 times in the journal is a daily practice page, separated into morning and evening rituals. Use this page to quickly move through our presence process and deliberately shape your everyday life. Between each daily page is an exercise to deepen your understanding of each step of the presence process. These experiments in presence can be seen as a companion to meditation. Try augmenting this journal with a seated meditation practice to harvest creativity and find deep solutions to whatever problems may arise.


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