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  • Sterling Silver Chainlink Necklace comprised of oblong links with an S-Hook Closure.
  • Three strands of chainlink lying next to each other, 2 sterling silver 1 gold.
  • Gold Chainlink Necklace comprised of oblong links with a lobster claw closure.
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E. Svete Collections

E. Svete Everyday Necklace

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Handcrafted by Ella of E. Svete Collections--a Psychic Sibster working at our Olympia, WA shop!

E. Svete Collections was birthed in Olympia, WA from the skills gained through interdisciplinary studies. Their work focuses on non-traditional fine jewelry. The love and intention put into this work is seen through the presence of the hand. Each piece is personally constructed and variations are seen as important characteristics that make the piece especially yours. They make sculptures to empower, protect, and adorn you.

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