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  • Cover art of the Faceted Garden Oracle deck with collection of cards.
  • Box cover art of the Faceted Garden Oracle deck.
  • Collection of Faceted Oracle cards with various artwork.
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Claire Mack

Faceted Garden Oracle

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From the Artist:

"The theme of this oracle is the garden, referring not only to a literal garden but to our amazing planet with all of her earthly and cosmic states of material and immaterial flux.  My inspiration, as always, is the nature that surrounds me in the Pacific Northwest part of North America where I live, as well as the need to create imagery that is both meaningful and healing.  Many of the paintings are specifically related to personal experiences, intuition, and a deep-rooted exploration of the spirit.

Created with a combination of mixed-media painting techniques and collage, each card is hand-made and given a keyword that references some aspect - or facet, if you will - of life in this garden.  The deck is accompanied by an accordion-folded booklet that interprets the keywords with succinct meanings which are metaphorically related to human circumstances.  The title of the deck refers to the many faces, like a faceted jewel, that can be encompassed in any given situation."

The Specifics: 

  • The Faceted Garden Oracle contains 50 cards printed on 350 gsm cardstock with a UV matte finish.
  • The cards measure 4.75 x 3" and will be embellished with a holographic foil edge.  The artwork goes to the edge and there are no borders.
  • They come in a sturdy two-piece box with a holographic foil stamp on the cover.
  • The guide is a 10-page accordion-style booklet that gives brief associations for each card. 
  • Makes a great companion deck to The Illuminated Earth Oracle and can be easily integrated with other tarot and oracle decks.
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