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  • Fleur Doree bolo with brass lotus blossom design, shown in gold and black variants.
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Lord Violet


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Let your true colors blossom

The lush brass petals of the FLEUR DORÉE Bolo Tie Necklace give a floral accent to your attire.  Montreal tattoo artist Hilary Jane’s statement velvety botanicals slide along the ornamental brass snake chain, finished with delicate brass cap bolo tips.  

Fully adjustable, with a rubber slide bead allowing the floral pendant to slide up and down the chain.

  • Chain length: 26"
  • Chain width: 12mm
  • Pendant width: 1"

FLEUR DORÉE is a collaboration between Lord Violet and Montréal tattoo artist, Hilary Jane.  Together they create a bolo entangling the edgy and provocative theme of Lord Violet, and the “velvet botanicals” of Hilary Jane.  Sharing a vision of female empowerment through subversive design, wearers of this bolo feel their feminine divinity bursting with strength and grace.  The crisp, clean lines and symmetry of Hilary’s flowers are highlighted by the classic black and gold style of Lord Violet.  

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