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  • The Wheels of Light Within: A Personal Guide to Color Healing, Tools, & Techniques
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Moon Nectar The Wheels of Light Within

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34 Page Personal Guide to color healing tools & techniques. This booklet is meant to be an introduction to color therapy, as it relates to the chakra system, utilizing sound, crystals, and other modalities to achieve balance within the body. It also includes a free complimentary opposites chart, and aura reading exercise, as well as a chakra pendulum dowsing chart and how to guide.

It touches on the 7 major chakra points and 7 minor points on the body with detailed descriptions and guided crystal layouts, suggestions and learning how to bring your body back into balance. How to bring your chakras back into alignment, and how to notice when out of alignment utilizing sound, crystals, plant based foods, and scent, and self-care as a guide. When we are able to recognize our subconscious misalignment we are able to clear our energy channels to create flow in our energy field. One of the major blockages of this vital energy is fear which creates a plug in our energies ability to move freely.

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