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Money Witch

Not My Problem Bath Salts

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These salts clear invasive energy, cut cords, and ease mental suffering caused by psychic attack, projections, misaligned expectations, and boundary crossing. Restore, reset, and revive your energy. You are Blessed and Protected.

To use: Give thanks and praise to Spirit for working this magic with you. This is potent medicine, so only a little is needed.

Method one: mix 1 tablespoon of salts into a bath and soak, blending with other scents and soaks as desired to achieve maximum DGAF.
Method two: mix 1 Tbsp salts with 1 Tbsp oil and scrub neck, chest, and feet to exfoliate psychic and physical debris.
Method three: dissolve Tbsp salts in a quart of water and pour over yourself after showering as a spiritual bath preparation, let air dry.

Contains: Sea salt and epsom salts infused with black tourmaline, yarrow, rue, protection from evil eye, coconut oil and essential oils of myrrh, cardamom, and honey.

Blended & blessed with manifestation magic on unceded Ohlone land in San Francisco, CA.

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