Rachel Beyer Emperor Ritual Candle

Rachel Beyer Emperor Ritual Candle

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The Emperor Ritual Candle
Hand-poured and lightly scented with essential oils of orange, clove, frankincense and ginger. Each candle is topped with a blend of frankincense, citrine, carnelian, red jasper, garnet and a dash of vintage gold glitter.

• Limited edition ritual candle

• 8oz matte gold, glass vessel

• Packaged with a hand-cut artist tag and label with safety/burning instructions

• Soy wax & cotton wick

• Burns for 40+ hours

“I’m an intuitive artist and deep feeler from Portland, Oregon. I have a professional background in graphic design, illustration and craft writing. I also have an artist line of handmade aromatherapy candles, aura sprays and zodiac art. My creative practice focuses on personal healing, spirituality, and self-study of esoteric and occult teachings such as astrology and tarot. I am inspired by the moon, the elements and seasons, plant medicine, and symbology."

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