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  • Cover art of The Gentle Tarot deck with collection of cards.
  • Box cover art of The Gentle Tarot deck.
  • The Major Arcana cards from the Gentle Tarot deck.
  • The Cups cards from the Gentle Tarot deck.
  • The Wands cards from the Gentle Tarot deck.
  • The Thunder cards from the Gentle Tarot deck.
  • The Stones cards from the Gentle Tarot deck.
  • An illustration of the Gentle Tarot, with size details, 70 cards, and new ribbon for easy access.
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Mari in the Sky

The Gentle Tarot

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An indigenous-made, colorful and uplifting, nature inspired tarot deck. 

The deck is a classic 78 card deck. Some of the cards are lightly based on the Rider-Waite deck, however many of the illustrations are the result of complete surrender to creative/spiritual process. Motifs and symbols, along with colors, have been used throughout the deck to make for easy recognition and to assist with remembering the meanings of the cards.

The minor arcana labels have been slightly modified, Swords have become Thunder and Pentacles have become Stones.

The cards have color coded rims to match their element:.

  • Major Arcana - Spirit - Purple
  • Cups - Water - Blue
  • Wands - Fire - Red
  • Thunder - Air - Yellow
  • Stones - Earth - Green

From the Artist, Mari in the Sky:

"Having grown up with ceremony and daily rituals that connect us with the elements, songs that ancestors sang with words and sounds that speak to this connection, I am inspired to share the love, honor, and respect that our planet is due.  It is my hope that the love embedded in my work can serve as a reminder of this connection so that we may feel supported by our natural environment and also responsible for its well-being. Heal your self, heal the earth.

Working on a tarot deck is synonymous with working on oneself. Taking up a project like this involves tearing down the walls of fear and doubt, especially, when you have never published a book, searched for manufacturers, started a crowd-funding campaign, or exposed intimate parts of yourself with a wide audience. Meditating with individual cards for days at a time and processing the meanings internally, has helped me have faith that the wave of energy inside me has a destination. Likewise, continual research and learning, reaching out to other artists with similar projects, and dedicating all of my free time to this labor of love has smoothed out the process. 

It is my ultimate wish that this Gentle Tarot deck support and encourage others to follow their wildest dreams as it has supported and encouraged me. " 

Psychic Sister earmarks profits from the sale of books and products from Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC) to be directly reinvested in BIPOC-owned businesses, racial justice organizations, and mutual aid funds.

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