The Runes Revealed

The Runes Revealed

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Nothing I say is true.
Everything I say is true.
The truth lives in the questions.

Written in a style that's a mixture of both prose and poetry, this unconventional book about the runes presents a perspective that is challenging, thought-provoking and controversial.

The Runes Revealed invites the reader to take off the distorted lens of patriarchal interpretation in order to see the runes with clearer vision.
Most often spoken of in the same breath as Odin and his cronies, and the Vikings, the runes existed long before any of them came on the scene. They don't belong to Odin nor are they his to give.

More than intriguing symbols featured in action-packed video games, or even letters of an alphabet cleverly used to spell out your name, the rune staves are signatures of ancient, sentient beings who embody timeless wisdom.

They were here at the beginning, which was also the ending, when fire melted the ice. They are here now at the ending, which is also the beginning, as the fire is melting the ice. As the ice is melting, the runes are being revealed.
Nothing is as it seems...

This book is dedicated to the (un) familiar that exists in us all.

let your thoughts be filled with positivity, and your life plentiful with prosperity