Cover art of Aquarian Tarot deck with collection.
Box cover of the Aquarian Tarot deck.
The magician card from the Aquarian tarot deck.
The two of cups card from the Aquarian tarot deck.
The fool card from the Aquarian tarot deck.

Aquarian Tarot

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The Aquarian tarot is often sought by beginners as the simple, refined aesthetics hold endless appeal. First introduced in 1970, the compelling art deco imagery in this now-classic tarot deck brought medieval tarot symbolism into the modern Aquarian age. Aquarian Tarot has remained a bestseller throughout the four decades it has been in print and still resonates today with those seeking transformation. 

"Just wanted to thank you for helping me find my first tarot deck several years ago. I pulled The World card and that was it for me, I bought it from your store and immediately took it home. The deck promised me the world and it has delivered time and time again. I use it every day with a simple three card spread." -- Rebecca C.

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