We are unable to host psychic readings in our shops due to COVID-19 precautions.

We understand healing services are needed now more than ever. We are dedicating this page to recommending practitioners we know and love. Use the link below to contact them for scheduling or with questions about pricing and availability in their private practices.

  • Portrait image of reader RAINA.


    With the lived spirituality of India, Raina brings you compassion and insight. Thanks to a lifetime of spirituality and 7 years of training in Shamanism, in her classes and healing practice Raina enjoys helping people from all walks of life. Angel Cards, drumming, Reiki, sound healing or mediumship may feature in your healing. Special health protection during this time.

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  • Photo of reader Cara Villarreal.


    Astrologist, Tarot, and Reiki Master practitioner rooted in healing and empowering your unique cosmic energy! Cara offers mindful astrology and tarot readings for the modern mystic and anyone looking to expand with energetic support.

    The ideal choice if you want a personalized reading using your Astrology birth chart, tarot, numerology, and a custom detailed overview tailored to your highest purpose. 

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  • Portrait image of reader Treneti.


    Treneti is a holistic voice mentor that focuses on helping aspiring singers, creative entrepreneurs and holistic business owners tap into their authentic expression and innate intuitive wisdom. 

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  • Portrait image of reader Liz Long.


    Liz Long is an intuitive healer, channel and reiki master. Her desire is to connect you to your inner sources of strength, guidance and wisdom, through listening deeply to yourself, your spiritual guides, and the earth. She believes that what she hears when she channels is the sound of our future ancestors, future selves, future world, calling us home.

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  • Portrait image of reader La Christiana.


    La Christiana is an intuitive healer, soul surgeon and reiki master. Her joy comes from providing you exploration of your inner child and intergenerational self, freeing you of barriers that no longer serve you. She works with you to disperse negative subconscious and conscious messages caused by colonialism and the miseducation of white supremacy.

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  • Portrait image of reader Jett Koda.


    Jett Koda is a visionary author, intuitive reader, energy healer and queer mystic. She has been guided by the non~human spirit worlds since she was a child. She offers Intuitive Tarot and Arcturian Light Body Readings to assist your life journey.

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  • Portrait image of reader Denise.


    Denise began her intuitive journey after having several precognitive dreams. She has studied metaphysics, astrology, healing and Spiritualism. She is a Psychic Medium who has done thousands of readings over 28 years. She is also a Spiritualist Minister who served at Seattle’s Tower Memorial Church for 20+ years. She is committed to teaching psychic and mediumship development and other spiritual pursuits.

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  • Portrait image of reader Pamela.


    Pamela has been a student, practitioner and teacher of the Tarot and Western Astrology for 5 decades, and, more recently, of Vedic Astrology. She provides a process that is reflective, creative and predictive. Her interpretations of the cards and charts are influenced by her graduate studies in Transpersonal Psychology and decades of reading and study, and working with and listening to others. She uses the Tarot and Astrology as tools to mirror to her clients their inner worlds—their perceptions, perspectives, and beliefs—so they may make better decisions to accept the gifts and face the challenges of life.

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  • Image of Psychic Sister Owner Dreamy, in black and white.


    Dreamy walked over the rainbow bridge in 2012 opening Psychic Sister and transforming her love of glamour and ephemera into magic money. With the help of countless friends, sibs, and a huge community of support the shop is a thriving ecosystem of sibs, makers, gleaners and healers — holding space for so many intuitive gifts and life-changing openings.

    After offering readings for almost a decade, it is time to pause and celebrate. Dreamy is currently on sabbatical.