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  • Book cover of Goldmining the Shadows by Pixie Lighthorse.
  • Cover of Goldmining the Shadows by Pixie Lighthorse.
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Goldmining The Shadows

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From the author:

"Pain is something we can all relate to. We have grown socially accustomed to looking for a magic pill to mask it, and all other symptoms of deeper unrest. Yet becoming intimate with pain, but not possessed by it, enables us to feel, sense, and hear the wise teachings held within it. Emotional, physical, mental, sexual, and psychic pain, as well as collective pain carried for Earth during this time of great transition, contains valuable wisdom.

Shadow is a term for the discarded within ourselves that informs our lives. It offers the potential to reveal what we previously thought was unsuitable, so unsuitable that we imprisoned it and forgot it. The aim is to know the shadow well, appreciate it, seek to integrate it—not leave it neglected to rot in a cell beneath the surface, where it is inevitably clanging its tin cup against the bars asking for acknowledgement and honoring—to make a place for it as part of your life story, but not let it be the operating manual.

In this book, we'll explore: The keys to working with your shadowsHow to engage your shadow to heal generational patternsThe acts of liberation for individuals and all members of society and cultureWhat it would look like to break the repetitive loop of suffering. Language prompts to help navigate the shadows. Shadow work is one of many keys to breaking the cycles of suffering. It prioritizes healing and offers empathy for one another."

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