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Simon & Schuster

Tarot For Pregnancy

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Tarot for Pregnancy offers expert guidance from author and full-spectrum doula Brittany Carmona-Holt (aka The Birth Witch) in its expanded 136-page booklet and gorgeous full-color illustrations by Kimberly Rodriguez.

In addition, bonus materials for downloadable lists, guides, recipes, and more are offered via QR codes throughout the booklet.

Use the Tarot for Pregnancy deck as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with the 2022 book by the same team of creators, Tarot for Pregnancy: A Companion for Radical Magical Birthing Folks, to accompany them through all seasons and portals of creation, expansion, birth, and rebirth.

Designed with tarot spreads and descriptions based on the original Raider-White Coleman Smith deck alongside with more specific descriptions for newly pregnant people and parents.

Tarot for Pregnancy will be a transformative tool for anyone who wishes to connect to their innate wisdom with an embracing and representative deck made for all bodies and genders.