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  • Box cover cart of The Gold Lyre Tarot deck.
  • Cover art of The Gold Lyre Tarot with collection of cards.
  • Box cover cart of The Gold Lyre Tarot deck.
  • The magician, high priestess, empress, and emperor cards from the Gold Lyre Tarot deck.
  • The wands cards from the Gold Lyre Tarot deck.
  • Collection of cards from the Gold Lyre Tarot deck.
  • The Gold Lyre Tarot deck in a celtic cross spread.
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The Gold Lyre Tarot

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Celebrate the divine feminine and deepen your self-reflection with this tarot deck featuring gorgeous photography and illustrations that honor the expressions and experiences of women and femmes worldwide.

Created as a cross-country collaboration by two best friends, this thoughtful, beautiful, deeply intuitive deck puts women at the forefront and brings new facets and layers of meaning to the classic Rider Waite Smith 78 card system.

Gorgeous photos and simple design resonate strongly in this modern take on the tarot tradition. Each card in Gold Lyre Tarot honors and celebrates the divine feminine of today's blended American culture and gender-fluid evolution. 

The Tarot is a divination tool used as  self-reflection. Checking in with where your intentions are placed, amplified, and felt carries into what you are manifesting at any given moment. Every card mirrors your spiritual and dynamic location within  this Earthly realm.

Real-life images of women bring readers the symbolism of everyday life rather than overwhelming you with in-depth hermetic symbolism. With Gold Lyre Tarot, insight will come a little easier to those beginning their tarot journey, and it nicely complements other decks for those who are more intuitively advanced.

Grounded in the same suits & archetypes as the Smith-Rider-Waite deck, Gold Lyre Tarot includes 78 cards and a booklet to guide your interpretations, in a beautiful box with a magnetic closure.